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10 Horribly Annoyingly Cliché Things That Actors Need To Stop Saying Immediately

We know you're "so blessed." No need to rub it in.

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1. "I just fell in love with the script!"

... Well, my agent did, anyway.

2. "The cast really felt like one big family."

No egos in Hollywood!

3. "The set was very loose, but focused."

What does that even mean?

4. "We got really drunk filming that one scene!"

FYI, they almost always use fake alcohol because acting takes concentration.

5. "I don't really have a plan for my career."

Sure, those managers and agents and publicists are all just like, Whatever, it'll all work out probably!

6. "I'm so blessed."

No shit, you're a famous actor. Stop rubbing it in.

7. "We really just tried to keep the characters grounded in reality."

So, your character isn't an alien or robot. What else?

8. "It was such a brave performance."

You may not win an Oscar, but dammit, you deserve a Purple Heart.

9. "I'm such a nerd!"

No, you're a famous actor.

10. "This new season is gonna be insane!"

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