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10 Awful Things Made Awesome By Adding Benedict Cumberbatch

We're celebrating the British prophet's 37th birthday, but really, he is the gift that keeps on giving. Here are some solid examples of how our hero makes life better.

1. Watching CNN

Not a fan of their wall-to-wall coverage of seemingly unimportant issues? Well, adding Benedict gives everything top-level, earth-shattering immediacy.

2. Dry Breakfasts

Who needs a big weekend brunch when you can have this golden face staring back at you just by opening up your pantry? No one. Feel free to eat these things three times a day. And for snacks. So five. Unless you want to splurge and treat yourself, because it is a healthy snack and you deserve it, anyway. So seven times a day.

3. Working Out

You show up at the gym, dreading the crunches and treadmill. Then you see this, and suddenly, the adrenaline is FLOWING.

4. Doing the Dishes

If there are plates inside the sink, it could interrupt his swan dive, and that would be tragic. Clean up, now!

5. Sitting in Bumper-to-Bumper Traffic

You'll probably end up so mesmerized by your new road trip pal that you won't even notice when the horns start blaring and trying to alert you that it's OK to put the car in drive.

6. Getting Dumped

A shoulder to cry on, a song to warm your heart. Breakups made fun.

7. Drinking Alone

This isn't actually an awful thing, but sipping a fine wine or scotch with Mr. Cumberbatch is infinitely better than doing so with any other partner.

8. Homework

Let Sherlock, whose brain is an endless warehouse of knowledge both relevant and esoteric, tutor you. Soon enough, you'll be asking for extra assignments.

9. Bathtime

Listen to the man. Listen good.


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