Taylor Swift Dance Parties Are Being Held Across Canada, So Of Course I Had To Check One Of Them Out

    Is there anything more powerful than thousands of Swifties in one room?

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    I'm Jordan, an OG Swiftie who recently discovered I can still fit into my Fearless tour merch!

    For most of you, October 21st was a *National Holiday* - AKA the release of Miss Taylor Alison Swift's newest album Midnights.

    Originally, my besties and I were planning on celebrating Midnights by obviously streaming the album while reminiscing about the time I saw half of Taylor's face at TIFF...

    ... but then we were invited by the TSwift Dance Party team to one of their TAYLOR SWIFT DANCE PARTIES in Toronto. Music to my ears. Like, literally.

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    First stop: The Purple Room for a Midnights listening party! Spencer Barbosa gave a lil' speech and I chatted with a Swiftie who had flown out by herself for the first time, all the way from HALIFAX. We love a brave Queen.

    While we waited to take photos in one of those 360° camera thingies, we people-watched. We spotted red scarves, cowboy hats, glittering stars, and lots of red lips.

    We agreed that we wouldn't stay out dancing *too* long — we're adults with errands to run and things to do, of course. But then out came the pizza... and who can say no to pizza?

    A highlight of the night was ~definitely~ the group therapy session, AKA the 10 minute "All Too Well" portion of the night. Girls around me were absolutely SOBBING. Let it out girl, let it out.

    At one point I looked over and noticed my bestie Sarah staring up at the jumbotron. IDK why, but they started playing the GOAT of comfort TV shows — New Girl. I'll be brave enough to say it - Russell was Jess' best boyfriend.

    We ended up staying the whole night, #SorrynotSorry. We were trying to leave but we just couldn't. Taylor. Never. Stops. This lady knows how to write a HIT.

    Would you go to a TSwift Dance Party??? What's the one song they HAVE to play? Plus, let us know what you thought of Midnights and how it stacks up against Taylor's other albums!

    Check out our whole night here on the Buzzfeed Canada TikTok!

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