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    • jordann8

      Bottom line is there are two types of men that exist in the world when a women is walking down the street by herself: the kind she doesn’t have to worry about, and the kind that she does. For every cat calling fool, or low class idiot telling a woman he’s never met to “smile” on the street, there has a been a man in that woman’s life who has gone on to touch, or stalk, or follow, or attack, or rape after a similar random public encounter. So we don’t really give a fuck about your feelings, boys, when you lick your lips and tell us to have a good day. If you find yourself being ignored by hundreds of women trying to walk past you as fast as you can, write the word “Predator” on your bathroom mirror and look at your face under it each morning. I don’t get defensive men on this topic. Just shut up and listen to your mothers, and sisters, and daughters. This is a human being issue, not a political sound bite. Be a gentleman, if you see a woman who looks scared or uncomfortable because of another man, it doesn’t really matter what that man is saying or doing does it? He’s clearly making another human being feel something less than safe and happy, That’s all you gotta know. I don’t get where all these wolves are in NYC that are raising so many of our men.

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