13 Awesome Holiday Gifts For Your DJ Friends

Spinnin’ around the Christmas tree.

1. Traktor

Traktor: I’m not sure what it does, but my DJ loves it.

2. Juno giftcard for new tunes

JUNO / Via juno.co.uk

Juno or Trakitdown: sadly, BeatPort doesn’t offer gift cards.

3. USB Key Stick

This is more of a stocking stuffer. Chances are he/she has tons of them, but they can never have enough.

4. DJ Survival Kit

Survival kits are for tweaking wires, wire stripping, cable propping, and other aggravating DJ issues that usually happen ten minutes before the set starts.

5. Handtruck

The collapsible ones are better for moving about, but they are more expensive. I found this one on Amazon for $25 and it would look impressive wrapped and under the tree.

6. Digital Recorder

This one is a blessing and a curse. Firstly, they love it and it can be fairly inexpensive—they run from $75 to $250. Just know once you buy it for them, they will pause at regular intervals to record ANY and EVERY freaking sound you can think of. So much for a romantic evening listening to the crickets on the lake…

7. Record Buffer

A stocking stuffer for the vinyl lovers.

8. Korg Volca Beats Drum Machine

It makes neat noises.

9. Arturia Microbrute Analog Synth

Another one that makes neat noises. I hear this one is more complicated though.

10. Clip-On Lights

These are mini, clip-on, and battery powered. Perfect for dark booths. They are great stocking stuffers and were a real hit last year.

11. Wire Clamps

I know it sounds crazy, but these wire clamps are great for bundling wires in a pinch. These, along with zip-ties and bungee chords make set up a lot easier.

12. USB Hub— DJ-K89

I’m not sure what this does but apparently it is a thing that is good and not too expensive.

13. Subscription to Computer Music Magazine

This is just one of the options. Future Music is another option. These are the two my DJ likes.

Author’s note: Compiled with the help of some of my DJ friends. Not in any particular order; any other suggestions would be welcomed in the comments.

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