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This is a request from some friends asking what/ how I prep for my weekly meals. So--here ya go!

MRSK 3 years ago

Here Comes Halloween--Rikety Tickety Tin Edition

Hey at least I come by macabre fascinations honestly. Below is a lullaby my grandmother sang to my father, aunts, and uncle---and when I was seven or so--she sang it to me. I still remember her sweet face and lilting voice as she tucked my sheets in under my feet.

MRSK 5 years ago


Great summer nom! This is how I make this traditional dish, but like all good recipes there is a myriad of variations. Please add your suggestions in the comments.

MRSK 5 years ago

Books To Read Before You Die

One of my favorite students asked me to list the books I think people should read before they die. So here goes:

MRSK 5 years ago


TEACHER APPRECIATION WEEK IS MAY 4-8. I know. I know teachers should only want the learning of their students, the occasional letter of thanks, and the eternal gratitude of a grateful public. We do. That’s all we want. Truly. For those of you who still WANT to give a fun (and great) gift to your teacher, please continue to read. For those of you who only want to bash teachers, feel free to join our ranks. We could use all the help we can get. Yes I know there are fragments in some of the descriptions below. They are functional. SHEEESH!

MRSK 5 years ago

100 Vision Boards To Learn Literature! Kohanim's Board Art

This is how I introduce/ review units in my Language Arts classes. I call them Philosophy Vision boards. Students offer a question that relates to what we are studying and we set aside one class period to go through the pictures on the board. It is erased at the end of the day and we keep moving through the unit. Kids dig it.

MRSK 6 years ago