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    Chill Out With A Big Glass Of This Mango Strawberry Sangria

    You deserve it.

    Mango Strawberry Sangria


    3 medium mangoes

    1 pint strawberries

    1 lemon

    1 cup triple sec

    1 750-milliliter bottle dry rosé wine


    Club soda

    Fresh mint


    1.Rinse and dry fruit. Cut mangos in 1-cm cubes and quarter strawberries, being sure to remove the tops first. Slice lemon into thin disks and remove any visible seeds.

    2.Place cut fruit into a 2-liter pitcher. Top with triple sec and rosé. Stir to mix.

    3.Place pitcher in refrigerator and allow sangria to chill for at least 1 hour. Give the pitcher a good stir just prior to serving.

    4.Serve over ice and top with club soda and fresh mint.