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Teen Daughters Let Their Moms Do Their Makeup And They Were Not Impressed

"I look like a mini version of you."

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Nothing says mother-daughter bonding like letting your mom paint yo' face, right? So we got three brave teens to let their moms do their makeup and the results were, uh...interesting:

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The experience started off a tad rocky when this mom realized her daughter had stolen some of her makeup.

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And being in a ~tiff~ with the person doing your makeup is NOT recommended.

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Some moms used ~old school~ makeup removal methods.

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And these two just couldn't get through the makeup challenge without fooling around.

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The results? Well...

But even though the teens weren't feelin' their looks, the moms did a pretty good job!

Look at that natural beaut!

Werk it.

#Teens just don't understand ~Mom~ fashun.