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    Aug 1, 2015

    Some Guys Tried On Makeup And Were Hilariously Confused While Doing It

    “It looks kinda like sunscreen…”

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    It's no secret some gals use makeup everyday. So, BuzzFeedVideo put some trusty dudes in front of some brushes and makeup to see if they could beat their faces for the gawwwdsssss...

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    And let's just say, the foundation was not laid right off the bat...

    No, no, no! It's not a phone, LOL.

    Once the guys got started, the confusion lingered while trying to apply foundation properly.

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    But at least he knew what concealer was and how to use it.

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    As far as blush, this guy pretty much nailed it!

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    But the mascara application was just devastating. Chilllle, WTH?

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    But maybe there is hope with lip liner...


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    Well, when all else fails, this is what you do, right ladies?

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    So, after all that madness, let's see how some of the guys turned out...

    Watch the full video to see the rest.


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    Through this experience, the guys learned a lot and discovered that this probably wasn't meant for them to ever try again.

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    But they were overwhelmingly very understanding of what women go through when they put on makeup.

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    And this fella said it best, "Don't think of this as a chore. Think of it as a way to express yourself, have fun with it..."

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