Daughters Let Their Dads Do Their Makeup And Things Got Messy

    "I look like the Joker."

    When you think of your ideal makeup artist, we're guessing that dear old dad doesn't come to mind. But,these brave daughters were willing to put their fears aside for the love of family and let their dads do their makeup:

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    Some daughters were really trusting of their dad's abilities (either that, or they were sucking up to get a great birthday present this year).

    And family secrets were revealed:

    But in general, the dads themselves were a bit doubtful that it would go well:

    Once the makeup arrived, the dads really let loose and got excited to let their creativity flow. It was truly a sight to see, especially because they were "super knowledgeable" about different products:

    They were very intrigued by the eyelash curlers:

    However, despite our terror, some were oddly skilled at using them:

    When it came to eyeshadow, the dads' attitudes were "less is NOT more":

    And there was definite confusion about the best way to apply mascara:

    They all seemed very obsessed with doing the "lip smack" (to be fair...it IS fun):

    TBH, one dad was just practicing to be hired as the makeup artist for the next Batman movie:

    When it came time to reveal, the reactions definitely varied from "awww, not bad"...

    ...to shocked...

    ...to just downright confused.

    So you can get a better idea of the drastic transformations that went down, here are pics of the women in their regular makeup vs. dad makeup:

    Here's Ochi:

    Here's Auri:

    In the end, however, things got sentimental between the dads and their daughters: