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    Bearded Women Kiss Their Boyfriends To Show Men How It Feels To Kiss A Beard

    “You look like my uncle.”

    We put beards on two women and had their bearded boyfriends shave their beards. Then we had them kiss to see what it felt like.

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    Both women seemed to like how their boyfriends' beards looked, but not necessarily always how they felt.

    And sometimes there were residual effects.

    Then we had the men shave and a makeup artist come in to give the women beards.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beard-holder, or something like that.

    *SPOILER ALERT* Itchiness is going to be a constant here.

    So far these beards turned out pretty well!

    And now, for the reveal to their boyfriends...girl-beard reveal number one!

    Girl-beard reveal number two!

    Now for their first (reverse-bearded) kisses!

    Don't mind the 'stache.

    "Do you get hair in your mouth when we kiss??"

    Apparently it feels itchy, too.

    More beard conditioning and mustache trimming was vowed. A win for beards and non-beards alike!