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A Creationist And An Evolutionist Were Handcuffed Together For 24 Hours

Question everything.

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Watch as an evolutionist and a creationist spend 24 hours handcuffed to each other!

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Their first stop was to grab lunch, where they both talked about their spiritual lives and how they came to think the way they do.


Surprisingly, one of the things they had in common was that they both thought, at one point in their lives, that they were atheists.

Their next stop was at the Natural History Museum, where they were met with a dinosaur exhibit right off the bat.


But Kevin wasn't convinced. "How do you know that this creature was from all the way back then?"

Then they went to the Creation Museum, where John found it frustrating that there were children there.


Let's just say the two men were on completely opposite sides of the spectrum when it came to the teachings at this museum.


Just before they removed the handcuffs, they both realized the biggest takeaway from this was that they learned to respect each other as individuals, and not just based on what the other believed or thought.


John said, "To know that as much as I might feel one way about his ideology or what he thinks or believes, I can't necessarily feel that way about him directly as a person."