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6 Reasons Why BuzzFeed Should Hire Me As A Community Intern

A boring cover letter just wouldn't do

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1. The limit does not exist when it comes to my love for pop culture.

Instagram: @jordanahensley

My graduation cap was Hamilton themed and I just got back from London, where I finally met THE One Direction (wax figures), saw Cursed Child and went to the Harry Potter Studio Tours.

2. I just graduated.

Instagram: @jordanahensley

Last month, I graduated college. I saw this opportunity to work and learn at BuzzFeed and couldn't pass up applying.

3. My life is social media and BuzzFeed consumed.

A good chunk of the last 7 days was spent traveling back to America, but I still managed to find time to feed my social media addiction and watch a couple of hours of Tasty videos.

4. I'm fluent in internet slang and culture

.@cultonhensley died and was replaced by a clone: a conspiracy theory thread

I meme-ified my brother.

5. Pop culture news isn't the only news I pay attention to.

Not every BuzzFeed Community post is warm and fuzzy. I was a Diversity Educator at my university for two years, and I co-led a civil rights education alternative spring break trip to Atlanta, Georgia, and Montgomery and Selma, Alabama in March.

6. I'm not always "put together..."

Freshman year me neatly packed all of my clothing when moving to and from the dorm. Senior year me just throws it all into trash bags.

But I work hard and love writing. I'm also willing to relocate from the quiet mountain valleys of East Tennessee to the Big Apple.

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