15 Reasons Why Smash Burger Is Actually The Best

Because, well…smashing is better.

1. 1. First off, the burgers.

The main reason you even showed up, correct?

2. 2. The Smash Fries

Fresh-cut, hand-tossed with garlic, rosemary and olive oil…pure heaven.

3. 3. Because your food comes out looking like this…

…every time.

4. 4. The Onion Straws

Why are they so good??

5. 5. The Cheese Fries are a gift from God.

6. 6. The Super Smash Burger


7. 7. The Veggie Burgers look like this….

Veggie burgers have never looked so good.

8. 8. The milkshakes are like nectar from the heavens.

9. 9. Their salads look like pure, healthy heaven

10. 10. Just yes.

11. 11. They have the coolest looking locations

13. 12. They keep their menu beautiful and full of options

so many options…

15. 13. You can order online!

16. 14. They’re everywhere…

…even Canada!

17. 15. They’re just simply the best.

18. Visit one today!

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