The 28 Most Hilarious Moments In Minor Politics


1. When we found out how politicians actually get paid.

2. When the man who will legalize it ran 4 prez.

3. And the campaign that will leave no man thirsty.

4. When Canada’s secret was published.

5. This trustworthy House Rep.

6. This very sad punchline.

7. When we saw this crappy nominee.

8. When this family resorted to mudslinging.

9. When we realized this couple was doomed.

10. When this young girl embraced diversity.

11. When this very secret frisking method came to light.

12. When this third grader revealed her strengths.

13. When Sweg ran for office.

14. When campaigning hit a new low.

15. When the American people demanded answers.

16. When this person made presidential debates interesting.

17. When polling showed this candidate was in a dead-heat with Mr. Reddit

18. When Putin realized he had a tough primary battle ahead.

19. When free market capitalism proved its worth.

Just don’t complain if you get felt up by the “Invisible hand.”

20. When Kony got snubbed.

21. When this sign that answered everyone’s question.

22. When this 8-year-old gamed the system.

23. When Bill forgot to inhale.

24. When this kid ran an honest campaign.

25. When this candidate went hard in the paint.

26. When this brutally straightforward button surfaced.

27. When Santorum became relevant.

28. And when this guy played it safe.

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