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24 Struggles Every Short Person Understands

Please stop patting us on the head now.

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1. You always use a step ladder to reach the top shelf.

2. Tall people obscure your view at movies & events.

Dimension Films / Via

3. People think it's hilarious when they rest their arm on your head.

4. Your feet dangle when sitting in chairs.

5. That same seat you subtlety hoist yourself in and out of.

6. People say you have a Napoleon complex.

NBCUniversal Television Studio / Via

There's actually a difference between being driven and trying to conquer the world.

7. You're always up front in pictures.

8. People say they want to put you in their pocket.

Big Machine / Via

9. You're tired of hearing the semi-condescending, "You're not that short."

Paramount Pictures / Via

10. Or people are delighted you make them "feel taller."

Showtime Networks / Via

11. You're annoyed with questions like "Do you shop at Baby Gap?"

12. You weren't tall enough to go on certain rides as a kid.

Deedle-Dee Productions / Via

13. People think you're younger because of your height.

Warner Bros. Television / Via

14. People look down on you. Literally.

Brooksfilms / Via

15. People call you "cute," "adorable," "tiny," and other words commonly associated with babies.

New Line Cinema / Via

16. You could even be a victim of heightism!

20th Century Fox Animation / Via

Don't worry. There's a pseudo-support group for that.

17. Dating isn't always easy.

Try spooning with someone substantially taller than you.
WireImage / Via

Try spooning with someone substantially taller than you.

18. Your short legs force you to walk fast just to keep up.

Fox Searchlight Pictures / Via

19. People are cautious about what shoes to wear around you.

Paramount Pictures / Via

20. You'll never fit the "Tall, dark, and handsome" mold.

21. People assume you're terrible at sports.

OK maybe basketball isn't our strong suit.

22. School dances were an awkward time for you.

23. Stores never have your size.

24. But that doesn't stop you.

Cash Money / Via

Because we know we're the best.

Disney / Via

Because we're not actually short. We're concentrated awesome. We have more leg room in small cars, on airplanes and busses, and we live longer.

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