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12 Not-Too-Far Vacation Destinations Canadians Can Visit To Escape This Terrible Winter

Sometimes it's nice to go where the snow can't touch you and shovels aren't sold on every corner!

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5. Charleston, South Carolina


Charleston is overflowing with hundreds of years of history. While the temperature might be a bit cool this time of year, anything is better than the sub-zero temperatures that we Canadians are forced to endure for almost half of the year.

8. Lisbon, Portugal


While Portugal might not be the closest destination for a winter retreat, just think about how nice it would be to visit an exotic country steeped in history, culture, and amazing blue water!

9. Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona


Not only is it a really big hole, but it's a really big, popular hole that a lot of tourists flock to see. It's also one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World. Plus, I hear Arizona is decently warm, even in February.

11. Balboa Park, San Diego


Balboa Park encompasses 1,200 acres and contains 15 museums, 16 gardens, a miniature railroad, golf course, tennis court, lawn bowling, a gymnasium, a carousel, and a Super Sonic Samba School. Plus, to top it all off, you'll also find the San Diego Zoo!

While it might not be your final destination, it would definitely make a great pit-stop on your way to something else.

Also, as far as I know, you won't have to shovel to get in or out!

12. Hollywood, California


Walk the same streets as your favourite celebrity (Hey, it's Britney!), but with less people trying to take pictures up your skirt. Hollywood is literally a tourists dream: TCL Chinese Theatre, the Walk of Fame, Universal Studios, and more! Plus, catch a tour bus and see the stars' homes, just like a real life stalker!

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