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10 Pictures That Prove 2 Chainz Takes Really Good Instagrams Of Food

If you follow acclaimed rapper and surprise foodie on Instagram, you'll note that his pictures of food are surprisingly good. Like, really good. Like, better than yours...

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1. Lobster mashed potatoes & skrimp

I've never had lobster mashed potatoes but now I want some.

2. Chicken breast sliders with an organic mixed green salad

All I want for my birthday is a big plate of organic greens.

3. Twice baked lobster potatoes with a side of broccoli

2 Chainz loves his lobster, and his lobster loves him.

4. Lobster scallops and carrots

2 Chainz? More like 2 Lobstersssssss.

5. Tilapia fingers & fried skrimp

The Return of the Skrimp.

6. Buttermilk Fried Chicken Breast, Braised Brussels & Yukon Golds Potatoes

I'm getting hungry...

7. Salmon Croquette

When will your favorite rapper admit to loving some salmon croquette?

8. Scallop & Lobster Fettuccine

We just landed in Italy, ya'll.

9. Lamb Chops

He may only have two chains, but here he has four lamb chops.

10. Chicken Piccata & Garlic Mash

To quote one of the comments from a fan on this picture, "I need to be eatong healthy like you." Shouldn't we all?

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