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Single Mom Dresses As Dad For Son's 'Dads And Doughnuts Day' Event At School

Cue the feels.

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When her five-year-old-son, Lucas, came home with a note about his school's upcoming "Dads and Doughnuts" day, she sprung into action.


"When I became a single mom over 3 years ago I made a promise with myself that I would do anything I could, even if it meant going out of my comfort zone, to give my kids a "normal" life and the same experiences as other kids."

At first, she asked if he wanted to take his grandfather to the event but the kindergartner had other ideas in mind. "He just smiled and said, 'No. I want you to go. You're my mom and my dad," Kittrell wrote in a Facebook post.

And Lucas couldn't have been happier with his mom's decision.


"When I went to leave he ran after me and hugged me tight around my neck and whispered "mom... I know that you'll always be there and do anything for me. Thank you. I love you" kissed my cheek and ran off."

Kittrell posted the photo on Facebook, where it has received thousands of likes, comments and shares.
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