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    32 Things For Anyone Who Thinks Their Home Can Never Be Cozy Enough

    Cozy vibes and fairy lights, all you'll ever need.

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    1. A hammered metal gold lunar garland to keep you both cozy and wild, my little moon child. Turn your bedroom into the ultimate vibe with these undeniably cute little moons that you'll get to doze off under every night.

    2. A string of fairy lights that'll add a little magical cozy sparkle to any room. I also *personally* am Christmas obsessed and associate lights with the holiday season. The holidays make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside so what better way to keep that spirit than with beautiful twinkling lights?! Also super cute behind sheer curtains!

    3. An ivy garland to remind you that greenery does exist as all the leaves vanish and the trees become nakey. And I meaaaan, how cute are they with the fairy lights?!

    reviewer's wall with hanging garland and lights

    4. A rainbow prism suncatcher so your home can be super dreamy with little rainbows all over. Live out your fairy dreams with these adorbz rainbow lights.

    5. A plush double-sided shaggy faux-fur duvet set in case you've ever wanted to sleep on a fluffy cloud. I honestly don't think I've ever seen anything cozier and this looks absolutely perfect for winter.

    The bedding set on a bed in white

    6. Or a soft muslin blanket that's just as cozy but without all the fluff if you sleep warm. The self-proclaimed "goldilocks" of blankets, never too cold or too hot, always just right!

    7. A welcome mat to set the vibe for the home and guests! "Come in and cozy up"? Don't mind if I do.

    Model standing in front of a doormat that says "come in and cozy up"

    8. An essential oil diffuser with mood lighting so your home can smell like whatever scent brings you the most comfort. It also shuts off automatically for a night of rest without the worry of it being on.

    A reviewer's diffuser with blue lighting

    9. A stunning boho macrame tapestry to spruce up that bare wall that you have no idea what to put on it. Ta-da, look no further, this chic tapestry is perfect to add a little art to your home.

    10. A memory foam mattress topper so you can kinda have a new mattress without paying the full price of a new mattress. With temperature-regulating gel infusion that'll conform to your every curve, this topper will help you get some great sleep with an extra *affordable* layer.

    11. A silicone popcorn maker for a movie night in. Netflix, chill, and snacks, what could be more cozy? This bb is dishwasher safe and collapsible for easy storing.

    the red bowl with popcorn inside it

    12. A fuzzy ottoman to add a little luxury and a comfy little place to sit after a long day. Idk if it's just me but because I'm a germaphobe, I can not sit on my bed in clothes I wore outside. This ottoman is the perfect place to plop down on after work for a cozy little sigh of relief.

    Reviewer's bedroom with white fuzzy ottoman at the foot of their bed

    13. A Birthdate candle that's personalized to your birthdate. Perfect for ambiance anddd you get a custom scent. This super unique candle has a description of your personality, tarot card reading, your ruling number, and your ruling planet on the label so you even get to learn a little more about yourself.

    Birthdate candle for December seventh

    14. A comfy 5.5-foot bean bag floor pillow to cozy up and lay out on the floor. Remember when you were a kid and would lay on the floor and watch TV? Satisfy your inner child, grab some snacks and a blanket and snuggle up on this ginormous machine-washable pillow.

    15. An artificial eucalyptus wall hanging so you can create the boho oasis you've always dreamed of. Dress up that bare wall or hang it in your kitchen as decor. Anywhere you hang it, this thing is sssssoooo cute.

    Reviewer's eucalyptus wall hanging hung on wall

    16. An aromatherapy mist to spray on your pillows and skin so you can drift off into your dreams. Get some gooooood sleep with these soothing scents, you deserve it bestie.

    Venus Williams spraying the aromatherapy mist on herself

    17. A canopy that'll transform your bed into a place of luxury. And this baby comes with all the accessories you need to set it up! A bed fit for royalty!

    A reviewer's bed with the canopy on it

    18. A nonslip bath pillow so you can really relax in the tub. This baby fits straight and curved tubs and is waterproof so you can easily just wipe it dry after using. You deserve spa-level treatment so grab your favorite book and a glass of wine and really enjoy that bath.

    19. A sunset lamp with 16 colors to choose from so that as your mood changes your lights can too. I'm super moody so I'd probz have to change it like 45 times in an hour to keep up but I mean, the lights so cool I'd love that. A vibeeee.

    20. A pair of ankle socks so that everyone knows that you are on do not disturb. Your socks will say it all so you'll go unbothered for as long as you'd like.

    Reviewer photo of their mom wearing the socks which say, "Shhh!" and "I'm reading"

    21. A huggable Pusheen plushie to snuggle with because you're never too old for cuddles. Something about holding something while I sleep just helps me relax. Perfect for your kid or even yourself!

    Reviewer holding the plushie

    22. A metal sign that says what everyone wishes they could do —stay in bed. This is soooo cute and will make your bed seem just a little cozier.

    A metal black sign over a bed that reads "let's stay in bed"

    23. A silk eye mask so you can be snug as a bug on a rug but, ya know, in your bed. Snug as a bug in... bed? Ehh, whatevs, point is this baby is the bomb for a good night's rest.

    24. A eucalyptus lavender pouch for the winter to help with congestion since cold weather means lots of stuffy noses. Relieve your anxiety, destress, and get some restful sleep after a nice steamy shower with the smell of soothing eucalyptus.

    A small satchel of lavender and eucalyptus hanging from a bath handle

    25. Or a pack of shower steamers, which are like bath bombs for your shower. Let the water hit this little baby to release aromatic vapor as you relax in the shower.

    A hand holding the steamer

    26. A set of breathable, cooling bed sheets that have more than 159,000 5-star reviews. Your bed should be the coziest area in your home so quality sheets are a must-have. The set comes with a flat sheet, fitted sheet and a pillow case that are all machine washable. You may *actually* never get out of bed.

    White bed sheets on a bed with matching pillows

    27. dual zone comforter because you're always cold but your partner's always hot. A win win situation over here friends, and its machine washable! Now, you can both sleep comfortably without being freezing or burning up with this two-temp comforter.

    The duvet showing one half is warm and the other is cool
    Reviewer's cat on their comforter on their bed

    Promising review: "I’ll admit, I was skeptical at first. I didn’t want to pay $150 on something we weren’t going to like. My husband is always cold and used to sleep with a blanket over his side of the comforter, where I always got too hot and usually ended up with just the sheet. We’ve only had it for two nights now and it has been so worth it! Other reviews mention that it’s hard to tell which side is which just by looking at it which I love. He no longer sleeps with the blanket on top and wakes up warm and toasty. Definitely worth the money." —Lexi T.

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in two sizes and four colors).

    28. A set of velvet pillow covers to make those throw pillows on your couch just a little cozier Remember, these are just covers but they'll definitely help accentuate any accent color you wanna tie into your home. And they're buttery soft.

    29. A supportive reading pillow so you can cozy up and read your book before bed. But careful! This thing is sooo comfy you might fall asleep on it. Anything to keep our backs out of pain, am I right? Ugh, adulthood.

    30. A lined journal to write out and let go of any feelings from your hectic day. Journaling is soooo therapeutic and is a great way to write out your feelings, goals, to-do lists, anything you need! You can never have too many journals cuz you'll definitely find yourself needing to write something down.

    Light blue notebook with illustration of black woman wearing a necklace that says guard your spirit

    31. A soothing hot water bottle that can double as an ice pack and comes with a little cozy knitted sweater to avoid touching a too hot or too cold bottle. If you're always cold like I am this is perfect to snuggle with or just put on your bed to warm you on up.

    32. A pair of fleece-lined memory foam slippers to keep your toesies nice and warm indoors and outdoors. I love winter fashion but childdd, I love being warm and cozy even more. Shoes that'll keep your little feet warm are an absolute must.

    Reviewers feet in the clog-style slippers in grey and cream

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.