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12 Stages Of Learning Your Roommate Hasn't Washed Their Dishes

It's been seven hours and fifteen days... since you left your Fettucine Alfredo Night dishes in our damn sink.

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Never... never in all my life... I... WHY I JUST...

2. These must be shattered.

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Roommate must replace them.

3. These belong under her mattress.

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They just DO.

4. Must wait until he comes home. Then must wash them in FRONT of him.

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Yes... YES!!!!!!!!!

5. I need a new apartment. I need OUT.


Go, my little fingers. Fly! 1 Bedroom ANYWHERE!

6. I got her an amazing birthday present this year. Seriously WTF?

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What is our relationship, even? Is it dead??? Or?

7. Can't use the dishes, gotta order delivery and make the roommate pay for it.

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I mean I have NooOOoOOoo other choice.

8. Lord, send us a swarm of gnats so that the problem is more apparent to her.

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A sign he can't ignore, God!

9. Should I call and tell his friends? His significant other? His job?

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Who will care the most? Who? WHO?!

10. Must leave note. Not one that's, like, passive agressive though.

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11. Just breathe. Have a calm talk with her when she gets home.

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12. WAIT. She's not back until Monday?

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