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    10 GIFs From The H&M Runway That Perfectly Describe Your Life

    Sometimes life’s simplest moments are best described by an H&M digital marketing campaign. Identity! It’s insane…

    When you finally got the oil changed after your wife was nagging all week.

    When you just SLAYED that Parent-Teacher Conference, girl!

    When you're not feeling like yourself because you think there might be gum stuck on your shoe.

    When you're late for that Kick Off Call and you try to act like you're not.

    When you walk into a lamp store and are so satisfied with your endless options.

    When you walk into the kitchen at a party and realize you don't know anyone.

    When you have NO idea where to put your hand.

    When you realize you just started your period but have no choice but to roll with it.

    When you did a new thing with your scarf this morning and, hey, it looks GREAT!

    When you and your family emerge from an H&M dressing room you've been locked in for 10 years.