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21 Very Real Struggles Of Raising An Aussie Kid

The struggle is real, and it's sunburnt.

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2. When they first learn what a blue bottle is the hard way.


Mostly because it's damn near impossible to keep a straight face when you hide the truth about vinegar, and tell them pee is the only solution.


7. When you have to educate them on the dangers of the Australian environment without leaving them too scared to leave the house altogether.

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"Look, everything out there can kill you, but you know, it probably wont... Maybe. Just make sure you check your shoes and under the toilet seat for spiders and snakes and you should be gold."


10. When they get so sunburnt at the beach that they look like a human bacon rasher, and you have to listen to the subsequent whinging.


At least you get to say "I told you so" and perform the dance that goes with it.

12. When they won't stop screaming until they get something from the Home Ice-cream truck.

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"OMG fine! I'll get you a damn raspberry split - just for the love of God STOP CRYING."


13. When they turn three and you have to pay for their plane ticket, even though they're nowhere near mature enough to handle a seat of their own.

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"Move over kid, Mummy had to pay for that space and dammit she is going to use it."

14. When it's back to school season, they need new shoes, and you live rural, meaning the nearest shopping centre is three hours away.


"Are we there yet?"

You better pray there's a bottle-o in that place because you're going to need it.

15. When you discover they have zero aptitude for sports.


You try not to look too devastated, because you know it's bad for their self esteem.

But hey - at least you get to keep your Saturday sleep-ins!


17. When they finally use their sarcasm against you and you can't decide if you're proud or angry.


Admit it, you're proud. You've taught them well. Give yourself a pat on the back and crack a stubby, you've earned it.

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