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    Some People Are Crowdfunding A Water Cannon To Use Against Boris Johnson

    Russia Today presenter Max Kaiser wants to buy a "people's water cannon".

    A presenter on a Kremlin-owned television channel is raising money to buy a water cannon, which he says he will use to attack London mayor Boris Johnson.

    Russia Today /

    Max Keiser, who works for Russia Today, launched the crowdfunding project on the StartJoin platform aiming to raise £30,000 to buy the police-grade riot control weaponry.

    "We’re going to crowdfund our own water cannon, except it’s going to be the people’s water cannon, and we’re going to show up wherever Boris Johnson is, he’s not hard to find," he announced live on air.

    "Whenever he uses his water cannon, we’re going to use the people’s water cannon to hit Boris Johnson. It’s a water war coming this summer."

    Keiser said the crowdfunding drive was a response to the Mayor's move to buy three of the cannons for the Metropolitan Police.

    Osman Orsal / Reuters

    He argued that the three water cannons Johnson was arming the police with were "a symbol of this entrenched oliogopoly trying to assert their dominion over the people".

    The Mayor's decision to purchase the weapons has been controversial, with activists warning that the cannons are dangerous because they have killed and blinded people in the past, and that they are often indiscriminate.

    Boris Johnson yesterday offered to be hit with a water cannon in order to prove their safety.

    As of Thursday afternoon, 29 backers had pledged money to the project, amounting to a total of £207.


    Keiser also pledged to build "an army people people armed with water weaponry" to harass the mayor around the city.

    "If you see Boris in his office, you see Boris at his home, if he uses his water cannon, we squirt him in the face. We’re not going to let him get around town without getting drenched – it’s tit for tat, a water war. You hit us with your water, we’re going to hit you right back."

    You can watch the announcement of the project here:

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