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    There's A Cardboard Cutout Of David Cameron On Amazon And The Reviews Are Absolutely Hilarious

    Yours for only £26.99.

    For only £26.99 + shipping, you can get one of these. The reviews are quite something.

    1. Some people decided to try their hand at political satire.

    2. Apparently there was some sort of mix-up at Amazon's Scottish warehouse.

    3. Honestly, some of the reviews were genuinely helpful.

    4. Most gave a balanced appraisal of the product's strengths and weaknesses.

    5. Apparently the cut-out isn't much use on a rifle range.

    6. One archery club was disappointed by its ability to withstand a longbow.

    7. It's reportedly fine for darts, though.

    8. And, uh, saliva.

    9. A lot of people took the opportunity to make naughty jokes about Nick Clegg.

    10. Some people complained the product wasn't entirely anatomically accurate.

    11. It was hard to tell whether some of the reviewers were joking or not.

    12. One recurring defect seemed to be a very noticeable tendency for the product to tilt to the right.

    13. Later models came packaged with an ingenious solution, though.

    14. It's very useful for repelling unwanted visitors, too.

    15. It turns out the cutout is the troubled gardener's best friend.

    16. One guy actually reviewed the product. Apparently it's fine.

    Unfortunately no one found his review helpful :(

    17. This man was quite taken with the prime minister's dashing appearance.

    18. Some people agreed the product had fundamental flaws, and decided to wait for an updated version.

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