Islamist Fighters In Iraq And Syria Keep Tweeting Pictures Of Cats

    Twitter and Instagram reveal the mundane side of life as a jihadi.

    Thousands of foreign fighters have gone to Iraq and Syria, where civil war is raging. Many have Twitter and Instagram accounts which they use to document a personal view of life on the ground as a jihadi.

    Many of these fighters are believed to have travelled from the UK, with others coming from European countries. The location of the following people cannot be confirmed definitely, but all claim to be in Iraq or Syria.

    If there's one thing foreign fighters like to post pictures of, it's cats with guns.

    Some 9.3 million people in Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance; more than 2.8 million have fled to the neighboring countries.

    This one was posted to Instagram with the hashtag #CatsOfJihad.

    Any weapon will do, apparently.

    Not everyone is a fan of the cats, however.

    I noticed the bros got a thing for cats but I can't really stand them.

    This Mitsubishi pick-up truck, fitted with a machine gun, has British number plates. It was registered in Birmingham.

    Recent ganema from Jaba Islam Miya. What do you recognise about the car? Clear proof they take support4rm the west

    BuzzFeed checked with the DVLA, and vehicle's MOT expired last October. It is pictured in an unknown location.

    Guns get waved around quite casually.

    Jammin in internet cafe, nowsdays cnt think of my life without my klash alhamdulilah

    There are also reports that American equipment seized from retreating Iraqi forces is being used by ISIS fighters.

    Pistols can be as costly as 4000$, but this one I bought is for just 42$, lol cost effeciency!

    On jihadi Twitter, trolls tend to get quite direct responses.

    Hey tough guy instead of making fake accounts to call me khawarij, why dont you come here & join #Sahwat to kill me?

    This fighter writes his own name in bullets, and applies a retro filter to the picture.

    The bullet writing thing seems to be quite a popular pastime.

    Currently training with an #M24, possibly a big fight coming soon. #ISIS #SNIPER

    This contraption seems to be for charging mobile phones.

    Sometimes the fighters reminisce about life back in their home countries.

    In the uk u wake up somedays thinkin "ah I cnt be asked to go to work", here u be like "ah man I wna do dogma" .love for the akhira

    A party-sized Snickers (apparently rare in the Middle East) delights this jihadi.

    I know I should thank Allah a lot for the various blessings that are here. Never imagined would eat snickers here=D

    This guy is more of a Kinder fan.

    But M&Ms are the gold standard, apparently.

    Pizza is also greeted with extreme joy.

    I miss you old frienddd! The closest thing to home food... #IAlwaysTweetAboutFood #NeedHomeCookedMeal

    The use of colour filters on Instagrams from the frontline is sometimes quite odd.

    #nofilter #jihad

    Sunset in Shaam, seen through my #Glock. #NoFilter #NoMakeUp #NaturalBeauty

    In the fog of war, there are some questions only Twitter can answer.

    Time to relax? Alcohol-free beer is the order of the day.

    ISIS appears to be generally well-supplied with fizzy drinks.

    This is what a office of ISIS looks like masha Allah


    "Why?" you might ask... because in the land of Pepsi......Coke is still king! #ItsStillBad4you, a social network for asking anonymous questions, is surprisingly popular.

    Tea is apparently the "official drink of the mujahideen".

    Tea.....the official drink of the mujahideen. lol

    Some people are receiving Earl Grey-themed fanmail.