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    22 Ridiculous London Cycle Lanes That Hate Cyclists

    Most of London is badly designed for cycling, but these bike routes stand out as being utterly horrible to ride. Or just plain ridiculous.

    1. If you cycle in London, you'll know the capital's bike lanes can leave a lot to be desired.

    Had to laugh at this baffling bit of cycle infrastructure in Romford (via: )

    2. This one will take you from the bonnet of that Renault to the back door of that postman's van.

    3. This lane in East London sometimes turns into a personal canal when it rains.

    Yesterday's Cycle Superhighway Canal...and....

    4. In London, bike lanes can also double has a handy parking space for cars.

    I'm unsure why Waterloo Bridge turns in to a car park on Sundays but it's good to hear it may soon be a thing of past

    5. Sometimes a taxi-rank is thrown in for good measure, too.

    6. Camden managed to design a lane that orders cyclists to crash into each other.

    7. It seems like whatever designers try, nothing will keep cars out of bike lanes.

    Why 'segregation-lite' should only really be a temporary step towards 'segregation proper' pic by @Adh1907

    8. When those designers aren't actively putting things in your way, that is.

    Here's the dreadful addition to @lambeth_council bike route 3 at 6:15 this morning. Imagine this at rush hour. Mad

    9. ...often for apparently no reason.

    Embarrassing cycle infrastructure @BikemindedRBKC Could you sort this out please?

    10. They give with one hand, and take away with the other.

    1/2 Cycling in Lynton Road, Haringey today I spotted this dangerous looking cycle farcility

    11. The guys who do the signs need to talk to the guys who do the bike lanes. I’m looking at you, Stratford.

    12. The designer of this lane at least understands that lampposts are solid objects.

    13. Everything has to make way for car parking.

    14. At least someone is enjoying this lane.

    15. Sometimes you wonder why they even bothered.

    16. And sometimes you really wish they hadn't bothered.

    It's like they've actually tried to make cycling in the Olympic Park as shit as possible

    17. Some designers seem to think blue paint will magically keep cyclists safe.

    18. Sometimes they won't even shell out for the blue stuff. This one's under a taxi.

    19. It often feels like the people designing these things have never ridden a bike before.

    Your LSTF money, hard at work, giving farcical infrastructure a fresh coat of paint

    20. And in a few cases? It seems like they've never SEEN a bike.

    Cycle route, UK-style. I'd say this has been well and truly cycle-proofed:

    21. Some lanes are so baffling you need an instruction booklet to make sense of them.

    Spotted this earlier. Left, left, left and left again to turn right. Interesting

    22. But full marks to this one in Bethnal Green, which is filled with lampposts and parking ticket machines.