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    'Quarantine Frasier' On Twitter Is The Frasier Reboot We Need Right Now

    For those of us who can't get enough of one of TV comedy's greatest ever ensembles.

    Frasier is, quite simply, one of the greatest shows of all time.

    Don't believe me? It was nominated for an Emmy 108 times, winning 37! (the full list of everything it was nominated for takes up a whole separate Wikipedia Page)

    From its absolutely perfect casting of the core cast, its superb supporting cast, and a network of amazing guest stars, the show kept up a high standard right to the very end.

    The episode where Patrick Stewart plays a gay opera director who falls for Frasier is in my top 5 episodes of all time - and that was in Series 11!

    There are lines that Frasier fans will still quote at each other to send us into fits of giggles...

    "Hot...'n' Foamy"

    "We have two giant Schnauzers!"

    "I AM WOUNDED!!!"

    ...when we're not arguing about which of Frasier's many girlfriends was actually 'The One'.

    It's clearly Claire - fight me!

    Star Kelsey Grammer has been teasing us with a possible reboot for a while - but here's the thing; someone on Twitter has beaten him to it.

    “Niles, how goes your therapeutic practice?” “Relatively well, actually. I’m conducting the bulk of my sessions online. Though it has presented a challenging mixed message for my ‘screen addiction’ group.”

    @QuarantineFras / Via Twitter: @QuarantineFras

    Since March, the Twitter account 'Quarantine Frasier' has been tweeting Frasier scenarios as if the gang were living through current events, and it's absolutely perfect. Everything you could want from vintage Frasier is here. From Niles' infatuation with Daphne...

    "Good morning, Niles. Have you seen the protests down at City Hall?" "Oh Frasier, you know I prefer not to get involved in such matters." "Really? Daphne just headed down there." "Where can I purchase a placard! Curse the police! Curse them!

    QuarantineFras / Via Twitter: @QuarantineFras Roz's oversharing...

    "Frasier, I've never gone this long without having sex. I'm losing it!" "Come now Roz, I'm sure you can harness this frustrated energy." "That reminds me, I need to order more batteries from Amazon." "Get a hold of yourself, Roz!" "THAT'S MY ONLY OPTION!"

    QuarantineFras / Via Twitter: @QuarantineFras

    ...Martin's everyman wisdom...

    “Morning, Dad— Good heavens! What’s that on your face?” “It’s a beer mask. See this valve, it lets you sip your beer without taking off your protective covering. What, you have a better idea?” “Perhaps consultation with a qualified mental health professional, to start.”

    ...Niles' ne'er seen wife Maris...

    “My darling Maris is self-isolating in the ensuite bathroom. Turns out it was still stocked with supplies from when she barricaded herself in there after the disastrous Impulse Bangs Experiment of 2018.” “Truly, she’s been training for this moment her entire life.”

    QuarantineFras / Via Twitter: @QuarantineFras

    ...Eddie the dog...

    “Aw geez, Seattle closed another park for social distancing. Now where’s Eddie supposed to go to the bathroom?” “Well dad, my Bruno Magli loafers seem to make for a POPULAR REST STOP.”

    QuarantineFras / Via Twitter: @QuarantineFras

    ...the 'unique' callers on Frasier's show...

    "Hello Gabrielle. I'm listening." "AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh...." "Are you quite done?" "Thanks Dr. Crane, I feel much better. " "I'm getting VERY tired of the scream calls, Roz."

    QuarantineFras / Via Twitter: @QuarantineFras

    (This would definitely be a thing and you know it!)

    ...and of course, Frasier's disastrous love-life - complete with hilarious topical one-liners.

    "Blast! That's the 3rd date I've had ruined by the CHAZ! First Mia was scared off, then Susan decided to join the cause, and now Tracey has a phobia of drums!" "Calm down, Dr. Crane. Ye can't blame all your love woes on the Autonomous Zone." "BUT WHAT ABOUT MY AUTONOMOUS ZONE?"

    QuarantineFras / Via Twitter: @QuarantineFras

    There are even topical title-cards!

    Honestly, whoever is writing these tweets has captured the voice of the show so well, it almost negates the need for a reboot.

    A reboot will inevitably have to factor in the tragic passing of John Mahoney who played Frasier and Niles' father Martin Crane. It also would have to continue (SPOILERS!!!) the later series' plotlines of Frasier moving to San Francisco and Niles and Daphne being married, whereas on Twitter, the show can exist in a Simpsons-esque temporal bubble where the gang all still live and work in Seattle, Martin is alive and as cantankerous as ever, and Niles still yearns for Daphne.

    Seriously - why shouldn't a much-loved show carry on in Tweet form?

    Many shows and film series have had literary expansions. Both Buffy and Firefly have official continuations in graphic novel form. Star Wars had a whole Lucasfilm-sanctioned extended universe in novels before Disney bought it! As the recent Star Wars sequels have shown, bringing back a much-loved property is not guaranteed to please all the fans, because even though the world has progressed, our perception of characters we grew up with will be forever linked to the past. I still believe that we didn't need a Toy Story 4, but was perfectly happy with the 5-minute shorts catching up with the toys that they showed before newer Pixar films.

    Little snapshots of how the cast of Frasier deal with topical events is the perfect tonic for our times. To whoever's writing them, please keep it going, and reminding us that no matter how rich and pompous we are, some experiences in life are universal.

    "...And this need for sexual gratification, sublimated over many weeks, leads first to interpersonal projection and then to immense personal growth. A fascinating case study!" "Dress it up all you want Niles - you still spent all day indoors binging Netflix's TOO HOT TO HANDLE."

    QuarantineFras / Via Twitter: @QuarantineFras

    We're listening...

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