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22 Unusual Places People Are Voting At During The UK General Election

Vote and do your laundry.

1. An outdoor swimming pool in Arundel.

Glyn Kirk / Getty Images

2. A launderette in Oxford.

David Hartley / DAVID HARTLEY/REX_Shutterstock

3. A windmill near Brighton.

Glyn Kirk / Getty Images

4. A garage in Croydon.

Adrian Dennis / Getty Images

5. A gym in Hull, with a boxer.

Darren Staples / Reuters

6. A caravan in a Tesco car park in Fulbourn.

Photography / Photography/REX_Shutterstock

7. A caravan in Broadstairs.

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

8. And another in the West Midlands.

Henry Nicholls / Newsteam

9. And one in the village of Carlton, Cambridgeshire, with a dog.

Photography / Photography/REX_Shutterstock

10. A hairdresser's in Hull.

Darren Staples / Reuters

11. A shipping container in a Sainsbury's car park in Cambridge.


12. Another one in Risca, Wales.

Tracey Paddison / Tracey Paddison/REX_Shutterstock

13. And one in Leeds, with a Portaloo.

/ Andrew Mccaren /

14. A pub in Edenbridge.

Ben Stansall / Getty Images

15. Another pub in Wiltshire.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

16. A temporary building next to a pub in Preston.

Thomas Temple /

17. The Hove Museum and Art Gallery in Brighton.

Glyn Kirk / Getty Images

18. A funeral home in Sheffield.

Paul Ellis / Getty Images

19. A golf course in Scarborough.

Ceri Oakes / SWNS

20. A post office in Hull.

Tom Maddick /

21. A restaurant in Filey.

Ceri Oakes / SWNS

22. A dairy farm in Lancashire.

Thomas Temple /