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66 Of This Year's Most Adorable Dog Costumes

The costumes at this years Tompkins Square Park Halloween Dog Parade are so good they're (almost) scary.

1. A farmers market...

...complete with an organic, priceless sweet pea.

2. Some spectacular movers.

3. An adorable monster.

4. Richard Sniffons.

5. An adorable clown.

6. Wonder Woman.

7. A ferocious mammoth.

Because sometimes it's time for a mammoth to meet Cruella de Vil.

8. A punk rocker.

9. A punk rocker with sunglasses.

(Although it's extremely important to remember to keep your punk attitude even without sunglasses.)

10. A super chill dog observing the world with his headphones in.

11. A bunny.

12. A wolf family.

13. A fairy princess.

14. The smallest unicorn in the world.

15. The lobby boy from The Grand Budapest Hotel.

16. A fashionable fluffball.

17. Minnie Mouse.

18. A hot dog and his vendor.

19. A frog chilling in the sun.

20. A three-headed dog.

21. A mariachi band.

22. A dog...

...who turned into a caterpillar...

...and then blossomed into a butterfly.

23. A pensive Frida.

24. Breakfast.

25. An Ewok.

26. Circus animals.

27. A super casual dino.

28. Or a super sassy dino.

29. A Chia Pet.

30. Passengers on the Titanic.

Complete with a crew, of course.

31. Miss Piggy.

32. Winnie and Eeyore hanging in a honey pot.

33. A drunk martini.

34. A card-playin' joker.

35. Some super cool race car drivers...

...who aren't afraid to get a little derpy.

36. Teddy Roosevelt.

Excuse us, a ~majestic~ Teddy Roosevelt.

37. A Viking with an attitude to match.

38. A sweet-as-pie hula girl.

39. A ballerina.

40. Dr. Seuss' #1 Fan and a Thing 2.

41. A witch.

42. Audrey I and Audrey II.

43. A sweetie shark.

44. Elsa and Anna.

45. A smiling horse.

46. Maleficent.

47. The pope.

48. Shake Shack.

49. A Beanie Baby.

50. Batdog.

51. A goofy Batdog.

52. A box of tissues complete with a sick human.

53. Lady Liberty.

54. Mamma Biscuit in all her fabulousness.

55. A farmer and his cow.

56. A cow, sans farmer.

57. Game of Thrones dragons.

Turns out, dragons can be super sweet too.

58. A spider complete with red sneaks.

59. Oscar the Grouch.

60. A Vegas showgirl.

61. A mysterious fairy.

62. A smiling princess.

63. Menswear Dog.

64. A sweet lil' Stitch.

65. A smiley Batgirl.

66. Lastly, a dog.