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65 Ridiculous Things That Happened At The Philly Wing Bowl

In the wee hours of the morning, Philly's drunkest show up for the most debauched eating competition.

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4. The kid in the hat was SO drunk he was just stumbling around all over the parking lot. He was drinking some sort of booze straight from a supermarket orange juice container. He couldn't even talk; I suspect he never made it inside the event.


7. The Wing Bowl is held at the arena where the Flyers play, and it was still set up with the plastic boards for hockey. It sold out in 9 minutes and was packed with about 20,000 fans.


13. "El Clownador" had an entourage that basically looked like a bunch of people escaped a mental asylum and tried to put on a play. I have no idea what this costume is or why he's with the clown.


28. Flashing is a big part of the Wing Bowl. The Miller Lite "Can Cam" spotlights women in the crowd on the Jumbotron to get them to flash their breasts. This guy was getting excited for it.

29. This woman WOULD NOT STOP FLASHING us. I saw her pierced nipples SO many times. IDK I've seen boobs. But there's really something weird about someone flashing 20,000 people. It's...weird.

35. As you can imagine, there were some security issues with the mostly shitfaced crowd. We saw this kid drinking in the parking lot, and he was so excited for the Wing Bowl. He was escorted out.

37. I was extremely impressed by how put together the Wingettes were at 5 a.m. We looked like something that had died and been buried in the pet cemetery and came back to life but all fucked up and evil.

48. Retired pro wrestler Mick Foley was a stunt contestant. He was disqualified for cheating by sticking wings in his fanny pack. This is apparently a stunt he does at various eating competitions. The fans loved it.

51. The competition has two rounds. College and local eaters only have to complete Round 1, but the winners can choose to go onto the final round if they choose (but they may lose everything).

56. "Gravy Brown" and Patrick "Deep Dish" Bertoletti are business partners in a food truck together in Chicago. They had matching silver lamé suits.

58. Whenever it looked like an eater was getting close to barfing, the Jumbotron would show footage of this guy explosively puking from the 2001 Wing Bowl. It was a great troll to try to induce more puking.

61. Patrick Bertoletti was the winner with 444 wings. I (Katie here) have had a little crush on him since he was in the Coney Island hot dog eating contest back in 2007 and I was way too starstruck to talk to him. He is ADORABLE, btw.

65. If there could be only one image to sum up our experience at the Wing Bowl, it would be this photo taken afterward of a security guard and a stripper embracing outside the arena in the brisk January air. Thank you for an amazing experience, Philadelphia!