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    10 Ways To Train For "The Amazing Race" (In Case You're Ever On It)

    As told by Jonathan Knight from New Kids On The Block and his boyfriend Harley Rodriguez. The pair will compete in the upcoming season.

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    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    You may recognize Jonathan Knight from his time plastered on your bedroom wall... more specifically you know him as a member of the boy band sensation New Kids On The Block. Knight will appear on the upcoming season of The Amazing Race on CBS, competing alongside his boyfriend Harley Rodriguez. If there is one way to test your relationship, it's probably traveling around the world together.

    The pair stopped by BuzzFeed Headquarters to share some insider globetrotting training tips they learned while racing around the world, you know, just in case you ever get to compete.

    Get on board with airplane food... you don't have much of a choice.

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    Planes, trains, and automobiles: There's no room for picky eaters on the race!

    Learn to read things twice, every time. (Go back and read this sentence again.)

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    Reading a clue incorrectly can be the difference between first... and last.

    Pack your bags extra heavy and go for a brisk jog!

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    The packs are no joke, you'll need to build up your endurance.

    Embrace the fanny pack. Be the fanny pack. Love the fanny pack.

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    Fashion isn't your first priority here.

    Take a few dance lessons!

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    You never know what challenges the Roadblocks will hold, so it's best to be in sync at all times.

    Eat some expired food from the back of your fridge... and don't puke.

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    May your stomach be iron clad and your taste buds indifferent.

    Learn to drive stick, it's sort of mandatory.

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    They just don't build cars like they used to....

    Become the master of bag packing.

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    Knight: You know who you are.

    Learn to identify taxi drivers that are actually going to get you to your destination.

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    If they get lost – all is lost.

    Don't forget the little things (like your passport), they are most often the most important.

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    Jonathan and Harley: You've already won the race in our hearts.

    BuzzFeed/ Jon Premosch

    Cheer them on tonight during the season premiere of The Amazing Race (9:30 p.m. ET), on CBS.

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