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How Jon Ossoff Are You?

We've got an election coming up on Tuesday, April 18. Use this quiz to decide if you should vote your Ossoff. Sorry, we just couldn't resist.

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  1. Should we bring more high-tech, bio-tech, and medical research jobs to Georgia?

    Please. We're losing too many opportunities to other states.
    I don't work in those fields, but if it helps the economy, bring 'em on.
    Nope. Send those high-paying jobs to California, please.
  2. Should we make college more affordable and reduce the burden of student debt?

    Of course. College should be available to anyone who wants to go.
    I think so. A well-educated Georgia is a richer Georgia, right?
    Absolutely not. I love deciding between paying off loans and buying groceries.
  3. Should we cut the wasteful spending of government contractors?

    Heck, we should probably cut wasteful spending by anyone.
    That's my tax money, correct? If so, yes.
    Nah. I want my government spending to be like a storm — make it rain!
  4. Should women be allowed to make their own health care decisions?

    I'm sorry, did you just ask me, in 2017, if women should be allowed to make their own decisions?
    I mean, all Americans should get to make their own health care decisions, right?
    Everyone should run their decisions by me before they do anything.
  5. Should we fight to protect our air and water from pollution?

    There's nothing controversial about clean air and clean water.
    Sure. We should leave behind a nice place for our kids to live.
    Everything looks more romantic when shrouded in smog, don't you think?
  6. Should we hold the Trump administration accountable for its actions?

    Yes, every president should be held accountable for their actions.
    Probably. Trump should at least act more presidential.
    Meh, I think it's okay. Reality-TV stars are usually super responsible.
  7. Should we protect our civil liberties and privacy?

    Without a question. Civil liberties are integral to our democracy.
    I would never want to give up my freedom or my privacy.
    Dude, all of your "rights" are way overrated.
  8. Should we protect our right to vote?

    Of course — you can’t have a democracy without voting rights.
    I gotta be honest here: I can't imagine who would say no to this.
    I mean, I don't really vote. So it doesn't matter to me, I guess.

How Jon Ossoff Are You?

You got: Very Jon Ossoff

Your views are a whole lot like Jon Ossoff’s, which means you probably haven't had someone in congress who represents your views for a very, very long time. You, very sensibly, think that Washington should be accountable to you. Jon thinks so too, but we have to get him elected if we want help with that. Find out how you can vote in the April 18 special election!!

Very Jon Ossoff
Courtesy of Jon Ossoff For Congress
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You got: Not Very Jon Ossoff

Okay, so you’re not 100% Jon. But we gotta be honest: We think you might be surprised if you take a look at where he stands. If you think Washington should be held accountable to you and your neighbors, check out what Jon stands for. He just might be the man to vote for on April 18.

Not Very Jon Ossoff
Courtesy of Jon Ossoff For Congress
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