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25 Things People With Short Term Memory Problems Will Understand.

Aren't you supposed to be doing something right now?

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1. You always forget if you did something.

Did I brush my teeth? Did I take my pill? Wait, did I lock the door? Did I already shampoo my hair? Did I turn in my assignment? Did I eat today?

2. You miss important appointments/meetings

"Where are you for this really important meeting that your entire career depends on?"


3. Post-it notes. EVERYWHERE.

4. You tell yourself you'll do something later and you never do it.

"I'll text him back later."

*25 years later*


5. You have to constantly reminder yourself to make reminders.

6. Learning people's name is a struggle for you.

7. You can't remember details of conversations in the middle of the conversation.

So you try and remember while the conversation is still going on so you miss the rest of the conversation and it's just a huge mess.

8. You have to reread things constantly.

9. Memorization is your personal hell.

I have to memory how many definitions? This is never going to work. I quit.

10. The reminders app is your savior.

11. When you studied but when you are taking the test, you can't remember anything.

12. People's birthdays are a mess.

13. The back of your hand has become your to go notepad.

14. You forget why you entered a room.

15. That moment when you remember something you had to do but didn't do.


16. Your friends are used to reminding you constantly.

17. When you borrow things, you seriously forget to return them.

18. You can never remember where you left things.

19. You probably remembered something you were supposed to do while reading this.

20. You realize things too late.

21. You relate to Dory on so many levels.

22. When you know you forgot something but you can't remember what it is.

23. "Wait, what am I doing again?" is a frequent phrase.

24. When this describes you perfectly.

25. When you remember everything you forgot at once.

Our abilities to remember short term memories might suck but we still got our long term ones, right?

Also let's talk about the fact that I forgot what I was going to write down at least 10 times while writing this list.

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