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14 Times Winona Ryder During The SAG Awards Was The Kid Who Did None Of The Work For The Group Presentation

There's always one.

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1. You stand up there in front of class and then the kid who did all the work start talking and immediately you are confused because you didn't read any of the notes.

2. He starts getting super into it and you're like "Oh okay, well I don't remember this at all."

3. You start to wonder, "Maybe I should've read the notes or gone to at least one of the group meetings."

4. You see your professor looking at you so you try and play it off like "Oh yes, we definitely talked about this, as a group and I was DEFINITELY there."

5. It starts to sound like he's wrapping up and you're like "Yeah, I was TOTALLY a part of this. YEAH. Good job me."

6. But he starts going on to another point and you're like, "There's more? Wait am I even in the right class?"

7. You check to make sure like "Dude you're doing great but what?"

8. You're visibly shook at all the work you did not do for this group.

9. Like very visibly shook.

10. The professor is looking at you again and you're like "Hell yeah, I totally didn't bail last minute every time we were supposed to meet."

11. He starts saying, "And in conclusion..." and you're like "OH YES. SO MANY POINTS AND THEY ARE ALL CORRECT."

12. You start thinking, "I'm totally going to get an A on this."

13. You look at the rest of your group members and you're like, "Look at this guy, so smart, did you know any of this?"

14. "Definitely passing this assignment. WOOO."

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