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Continental One Night Stands - Top 5 Cheap Weekend Breaks To Cheat Your Annual Leave

Our annual leave is priceless. In London, the average day's holiday costs us £184. Here are five great ideas for cheeky weekends abroad to explore, for less than the cost of a day off work (unless you're pulling a sicky).

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1. Berlin - from £96

Nothing short of addictive Germany's capital is a city abuzz with life, culture and places to explore. A city that is just as lively at night as in the day, Berlin is equally booming with historic attractions as it is with places to party.

Fly in and out of Stansted, stay in a 4* hotel, and have an awesome trip abroad with ZERO annual leave to be used - from £96!

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2. Warsaw - from £109

Poland always intrigues and for a European city it offers a very different visitor experience. Suffering perhaps some of the worst events in history, this city isn't crammed around a lonely old town market square, instead, diverse architecture sporadically pops up across the city, as new meets old and the weird meets the wonderful.

Flyin and out of Stansted, plus enjoy a 4* hotel from £109.

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3. Marrakech - from £103

Yes, go to Marrakech for a weekend! Just a four-hour flight and you're in the winding streets and vibrant souqs of Morocco's fourth largest city. Dine on delicious Moroccan dishes, enjoy local music and culture, take a trip to the medina to visit the spectacular palaces, all whilst chilling in warmer climes.

For this one you will need to fly out of Stansted and back into Gatwick - but hop on a bus and you'll be back in central in no time.

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4. Venice - from £121

Head to the floating city of Venice for a sprig of romance and some good old Italian charm! Out of the main holiday season Venice becomes much much cheaper, and in this example (last weekend of November) you can get a bargain of a deal for a single night. The time difference means you have a slightly short day on the Saturday, but coming back goes in your favour.

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5. Bucharest - from £131

Romania's capital hasn't aways had the best reputation but is well deserved of a visit - even if short. Romanian culture is very different to the rest of the Europe, and there is plenty to do and experience here. Take time to muse in the museums, stroll in the city's parks, and sample some of the best coffee in Bucharest's trendy coffee shops.

Itinerary details here >

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