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    • jonnin

      When I was 16, my family and I lived in a somewhat new home. We loved the house, but my mother always sees spirits residing inside. One late night, my mother and I are in her room, just watching TV. She asks for a drink, so I leave to get one. I am horrified of the supernatural, and right out her door is a dark hallway. I suck in my breath and begin walking through the door. I make it about 5 steps when I see the white shirt glowing about 2 feet away. The shirt is small, and looks like it belongs to someone about 8 years old. I have a little brother around that age, so I believe it is him walking around in the dark. The shirt, which is all I could see, begins coming closer. I think it’s my brother, so I call out to him and walk closer as well. I stick out my arms to hug him, when the shirt comes close enough for me too see that no one is inside of it. I jump and the shirt walks right up to me and disappears. Let’s just say that I was the fastest girl alive at that moment, and my mother did not get her drink from me. However, even though this was horrifying, the only person I told was my mom. 4 days later, my 2 brothers come running into my mom’s room late at night horrified. They swore they saw a white shirt walk by them, and I lost it. We now know that we have a white shirt floating around our home, hurray.

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