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6 Reasons Why 'One Direction' Are Awesome

They have fans all over the world, a platinum album, and many people even refer to them as a 21st Century version of " The Beatles'. Those are all boring reasons, so here the 6 better reasons.

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5. Their Fanbase Isn't Made Up Of Stupid Tweens - Becuase They Are More "Dirty"

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^ That also hints towards the bromance?

-One Direction's cheeky chappy Harry Styles loves getting naked but believe it or not, not everyone likes to see him without his clothes on - and because of his nakedness, he received a "hefty fine in Sweden"

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"See how you can bring Pokémon to life with Pokedex 3D with the augmented reality function of Nintendo 3DS and the help of One Direction, who talk about their favourite Pokémon characters as well."

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