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Updated on Mar 6, 2020. Posted on Dec 2, 2017

This "Yes Or No" Food Quiz Will Determine If You're A True '90s Kid

Remember burning your mouth on a Bagel Bite?

  1. Did you ever take one of these bad boys to school?

    Instagram: @ _budz_ /
  2. Have you ever cooled off with one of these guys on a hot summer day?

    Instagram: @watchguynyc /
  3. Did you ever dip french fries in this colorful stuff?
  4. Do you remember smacking on Ouch!?

    Instagram: @rundmc12987 /
  5. Did you ever slurp down one of these cereals before school?

    Instagram: @twins9928 / @hw_k_mmm / /
  6. Have you ever rocked one of these?

    Instagram: @codymil96 /
  7. Remember sippin' on one of these?

    Instagram: @raiin_monkey /
  8. Does just looking at these snacks take you right back to your childhood?

    Instagram: @hheyamyy / @pusherofpens / /
  9. Was biting down on a Gusher or unrolling Fruit by the Foot the highlight of your day?

    Instagram: @mechanicalgemm / @lady_khalila / /
  10. And last but not least, did you ever burn your mouth eating one of these?

    Instagram: @rtpfrontier /