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"Wheel Of Fortune" Players Failed EIGHT Times To Guess This Simple "Phrase" Last Night, So I'm Curious If You Can Get It Right

Maybe they were nervous...

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Last night on Wheel of Fortune, it took players a whopping NINE turns to correctly guess this common five-word phrase that refers to an achievement that someone can be proud of.

Easy peasy, right? Wrong. First, Laura attempted to solve the puzzle, guessing "another feather in your hat" — which was close, but no cigar.

Contestant Laura

Then Christopher, who landed on $650, guessed the letter G, but as you already know, there's no G in the phrase.

Then Thomas spun, but landed on bankrupt.

It was Laura's turn again, and she audaciously attempted to redeem herself — this time, guessing "another feather in your lap." What's remarkable here is that Vanna was so sure Laura would solve the puzzle that she started to walk across the board to reveal the remaining letters.

Christopher, having landed on $900, guessed the letter D, and then Thomas lost a turn.

Remarkably, it was Laura's turn AGAIN, but she still had no idea what the last word of the phrase was, so she spun, landed on $700, and guessed the letter P, which does exist in the word "cap." Seven hundred dollars to Laura!

Except that she then tried to solve, guessing that the last word was "map," at which point Vanna literally threw her head back in disbelief.

Then it was back to Christopher, who spun and landed on bankrupt.

Saving us from our misery, Thomas spun, landed on $500, and finally solved the puzzle.

Oh, the irony that the phrase literally refers to an achievement, given that it took three people nine turns to solve the puzzle! You can watch the entire ordeal below.

So this just happened on Wheel of Fortune.

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