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What's The Best Diner You've Ever Eaten At?

As American as apple pie and baseball.

When it comes to good, cheap food, there's really only one place to look.

Denny's / Via

For over a hundred years, diners have been serving up classic American cuisine in towns and cities all across the country.

It doesn't matter if it's 2 a.m. or noon — or if you want breakfast or a burger — only a good ol' diner will do.

There's the Donut Hole in Destin, Florida, which serves up a mean breakfast:

Then there's the Bluebird Diner in Iowa City, Iowa, whose Midwestern soul food is second-to-none:

And of course there's Mickey's Dining Car in St. Paul, Minnesota, which has been around for almost 80 years:

Those are some of our favorites. Now, tells us yours: What’s the best diner you've ever eaten at?

Ibon Mainar / Used with permission / Via

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