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    Updated on Nov 17, 2019. Posted on Nov 13, 2019

    15 Shocking Pictures That Show Just How Catastrophic The Flooding Is In Venice

    St. Mark's Basilica flooded for only the sixth time in its nearly thousand-year history.

    1. ICYMI, Venice is currently submerged following the highest tides in over 50 years, its iconic St. Mark's Square resembling more of a lake than an Italian piazza.

    Andrea Merola / ANSA via AP

    For context, here's what the square normally looks like.

    751 / Getty Images

    2. Usually packed with tourists, St. Mark's was completely inundated as flood waters wreaked havoc on the city.

    Andrea Merola / AP

    3. The crypt of St. Mark's Basilica, nearby to the plaza, was also submerged.

    Marco Bertorello / Getty Images

    4. In fact, over 85% of Venice was flooded as of late Tuesday, with the mayor blaming climate change for the disaster.

    5. Historic high tides weren't the only concern, however, as heavy rain and strong winds made matters even worse.

    Acqua alta in Venice reaches second-highest level (187cm) in recorded history!! The climate has gone mad! #AcquaAlta

    6. Doors provided little defense against the rising water.

    Amazing images are coming in from Venice, Italy, where strong storm surge and tide peak (Acqua alta), caused severe flooding last night! Photo was sent to us by Andrea Farruggio.

    7. People did everything they could to save their homes and businesses...

    Very High Water in Venice!! Life is beautiful but tough...

    8. ...though not everything could be saved.

    9. Toilets became geysers.

    10. Gondolas were tossed ashore.

    Luigi Costantini / AP

    11. Some Venetians stayed put...

    Guess I won’t be leaving the apartment for a while... #acquaalta #Venice

    12. ...while others struggled to get home.

    Going home tonight in Cannaregio...#EnjoyRespectVenezia

    13. Tourists, meanwhile, floated their luggage instead of pulling it behind them.

    Luca Bruno / AP

    14. Others made use of narrow elevated footbridges.

    Marco Bertorello / Getty Images

    15. Finally, the flood waters threatened to submerge this Banksy artwork of a migrant child wearing...what else but a lifejacket and holding a pink flare.

    Marco Bertorello / Getty Images

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