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    10 Straight-Up Lies Every Tourist Tells About NYC On Instagram

    Basically, everything is 100 times more crowded than it looks on Instagram.

    1. The Brooklyn Bridge on Instagram:

    The Brooklyn Bridge in reality:

    2. Grand Central on Instagram:

    Grand Central in reality:

    3. The Statue of Liberty on Instagram:

    The Statue of Liberty in reality:

    4. Times Square on Instagram:

    Times Square in reality:

    5. Central Park on Instagram:

    Central Park in reality:

    6. Coney Island on Instagram:

    Coney Island in reality:

    7. The Empire State Building observation deck on Instagram:

    The Empire State Building observation deck in reality:

    8. Yankee Stadium on Instagram:

    Yankee Stadium in reality:

    9. The High Line on Instagram:

    The High Line in reality:

    10. Rockefeller Center on Instagram:

    Rockefeller Center in reality: