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Here Are The Most Popular Halloween Costumes In 2007 Vs. 2017

Spooky never goes out of style.

Each year, the National Retail Federation releases a list of the year's most popular costumes, and while some costumes make the list every single year, others come and go.

Spoiler alert: Cats and witches make the list every 👏 single 👏 year 👏.

Here are the top 10 adult costumes in 2007, along with what the NRF says will be the most popular ones this year!

10. In 2007, the 10th most popular costume was a nurse...

...but this year, it's none other than Wonder Woman herself. Gal Gadot, get your shield ready!

9. Angels were everywhere back in 2007 before the world went to shit.

This year, expect to see slasher movie villains like Jason from Friday the 13th roaming the streets instead.

8. Clowns have fallen out of favor — maybe It was too much for people? — but they were all the rage in 2007.

DC heroes like Superman tied with Star Wars characters for the eighth most popular costume this year.

7. Wenches were randomly No. 7 ten years ago.

But this year, it's basically going to look like The Walking Dead outside with so many zombies.

6. Another sign the world is ending: Fairies made the list back then...

...but today it's bloody vampires at No. 6.

5. What have princesses been replaced by?

Marvel superheros like Spider-Man and Captain America, that's who.

4. Cats used to be No. 4.

But now pirates are.

3. Vampires, which are now the sixth most popular costume, used to be No. 3.

Animals, though, have taken their spot.

2. And pirates, which are now No. 4, used to be everywhere on Halloween night.

But Batman characters knocked them out of the top three this year.

1. One thing that hasn't changed: Witches.

They've put us under their spell, and they're here to stay.

In conclusion, if you want to be unique, don't be a witch! 🎃