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Are You Having A Quarter-Life Crisis?

If you're in your twenties, the answer's probably yes. Here's a checklist to see just how serious the crisis actually is.

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  1. Check all that apply.

    You consider leaving your current job at least once a day.
    You really do think it’s time for a career change.
    Indeed and Monster are both bookmarked...on your work computer.
    You’re growing restless. You’ve lived in the same apartment in the same city for, like, six months.
    Moving to Europe definitely crosses your mind more often than it should.
    You recently got a new haircut and you effing hate it.
    You miss college occasionally.
    You miss college constantly.
    Actually, you think you peaked junior year.
    You feel like all your friends have their shit together and that makes you hate them.
    You’re usually in bed by 9 and out by 10.
    Opening your credit card statement scares the literal shit out of you.
    Your refrigerator is empty except for leftover pizza and boxed Chardonnay.
    Your parents keep asking you when you’re going to move out.
    You unfriended someone on Facebook when they posted their engagement photos.
    Wedding invitations nearly send you over the edge.
    You’re fine with couples as long as you never have to see them.
    But you have to count to ten every time you see a couple making out.
    Your friends have to literally drag you out of your apartment to get you to go out with them.
    You watch "Eat Pray Love" and relate way too hard.
    You’ve actually said you were going to "'Eat Pray Love' your life.”
    And you meant it.
    Getting a fresh start means buying a new sweater from The Gap.
    Your shopping list is usually just Oreos and ice cream.
    Your cat is your honest-to-god best friend.
    And you talk to Fluffy like she’s some sort of therapist.
    You call your parents for advice at least twice a day.
    When they can’t help, you’ve been known to call your middle school counselor.
    You wonder if you’ll make this month’s rent because PSLs.
    You cry every time you listen to Snow Patrol.
    Same goes for Beyoncé.
    You were hella excited when Netflix put "Gilmore Girls" online.
    You’ve already watched all seven seasons.
    Netflix is literally out of suggestions for you.
    You always swipe right on Tinder because just maybe.
    When someone mentions comfort food, you immediately think of ramen.
    You haven’t had sex in over six months and tbh it’s whatever.
    Your love life consists solely of fawning over the cute legal aides on "How To Get Away With Murder."
    You really miss high school.
    You really miss kindergarten.
    The most exciting part of your day is watching the Bonus Round on "Wheel of Fortune."
    You celebrate birthdays by crying.
    Crying in public has become a part of your daily routine.
    You actually like calling customer service because you’re lonely dammit.
    You’ve tried to list Netflix as your significant other on Facebook.
    Even though you’re still using an old roommate’s login.
    You’re sure that your quarter-life crisis will be the end of you.

Are You Having A Quarter-Life Crisis?

You're probably the one all your friends are jealous of. You feel down in the dumps every now and then, but you're keeping it together for the most part. Congratulations on weathering your twenties like a boss!

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Compared to a lot of your friends, you're handling your twenties fairly well. Yeah, your job sucks, blah blah blah – join the club. But keep your head up and quit being so hard on yourself, or you might just fall down the slippery slope.

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You are definitely having a quarter-life crisis. But believe it or not, things could be worse. You're unhappy with your job, jealous of your friends, and ready for a change. Hang in there. Things may get worse before they get better, but they will get better!

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You are in the throes of a full-fledged, sirens-sounding, quarter-life CRISIS. It feels like a hurricane is swirling around you and your life is spiraling out of control. STOP FREAKING OUT. This too shall pass. You'll come out of this stronger and enter your thirties ready for whatever comes your way.

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