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    15 Crazy Little Details In "The Little Mermaid" You Definitely Never Noticed

    Someone tell me why Ariel has a statue of Abraham Lincoln.

    1. It's blurry as hell, but Goofy, Donald Duck, and Mickey make an appearance at the beginning of the movie for King Triton's dramatic entrance.

    2. Oh, and so does Kermit, but he has to sit by himself. 🐸😔

    3. Ursula was inspired by the drag queen Divine — and holy shit, I'd say the animators got it right!

    4. Despite being octopus-like, Ursula has six tentacles instead of eight. Animating them apparently required a lot of time and money.

    5. Oh, and that contract Ariel signs with Ursula? It's mostly gibberish, but the shot moves so quickly that it's impossible to see at full speed.

    6. The painting Ariel stares at during "Part of Your World" is actually The Magdalen With the Smoking Flame by Georges de la Tour — and given the ~mood~ of the painting, it seems almost like a mirror.

    7. Speaking of paintings, it sure looks like a portrait of Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora hanging in Prince Eric's dining room. (Could they be...related?!)

    8. While this might seem like a stretch, one of the busts Ariel swims past while singing "Part of Your World" bears a STRIKING resemblance to Abraham Lincoln.

    9. Prince Eric's maid Carlotta and Cinderella (aka Lady Tremaine's maid) are basically wearing the same exact dress.

    10. But that's not the only Cinderella connection: The King and the Grand Duke appear in the background at Prince Eric and Ariel's wedding.

    11. It might seem crazy, but each one of the MILLIONS of bubbles in the movie was hand-drawn, so no two are exactly alike.

    12. And on that note, the bubbles provided animators with the *perfect* opportunity to sneak in some hidden Mickeys.

    13. The monocled Mr. Limpet, from the movie The Incredible Mr. Limpet, makes a cameo at the very end of Sebastian's performance of "Under the Sea."

    14. Remember Roy G. Biv, the mnemonic device used to remember the colors of the rainbow? Disney got the colors right, but inverted their order. Weird!

    15. And finally, the scene in which Ariel is perched on a rock is an homage to the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, where the author of The Little Mermaid, Hans Christian Andersen, once lived.