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    Posted on Sep 17, 2015

    17 Things The Republican Candidates Actually Looked Like At The Debate


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    1. Chris Christie looked like Hannah Montana's neighbor coming over to borrow sugar.

    Chris Crisitie looks like Hannah Montanas neighbor 😂 #CNNDebate

    2. And Donald Trump was literally Gilly from SNL — minus the "sorry," of course.

    Donald Trump is Gilly from SNL #GOPDebate

    3. Scott Walker was trying to make the HUGE leap from Mayor of Whoville to President of the United States.

    Am I the only one who thinks Scott Walker looks like the Mayor of Whoville? #GOPDebate #scottwalker

    4. Lindsey Graham looked like Aunt Bee right after Opie ate the last slice of butterscotch pecan pie.

    Watching the children's table #GOPDebate . I think Lindsey Graham looks like Aunt Bee.

    5. And he looked more than a little like a Precious Moments figurine staring into your soul.

    Lindsey Graham looks like the Precious Moments boy angel. #CNNDebate

    And asking for your vote.

    6. Rick Santorum was one "Howdy, partner" short of full-on becoming Woody.

    Rick Santorum's transformation into Woody from "Toy Story" is nearly complete.

    7. Carly Fiorina looked like she was coming for Leslie Knope's political career.

    can we talk about how republican candidate Carly fiorina looks like Marcia langman from parks and rec?

    8. Rand Paul looked an awful lot like fellow doctor Perry Cox.

    rand paul looks exactly like dr. cox. discuss.

    9. And his resemblance to Mort Mouse was seriously uncanny.

    Rand Paul looks like Mort Mouse, Muffy's cousin from Today's Special. #GOPDebate

    10. Bobby Jindal did a mean Little Foot impersonation.

    Bobby Jindal's transformation into Little Foot is nearly complete.

    11. John Kasich looked like Principal Skinner.

    Does anyone else think that John Kasich looks like Principle Skinner?

    12. And speaking of The Simpsons, George Pataki bore a shocking resemblance to Gil Gunderson.

    Pataki looks like Gil Gunderson

    13. Mike Huckabee looked like a walking, talking capybara!!!

    Mike Huckabee looks like a capybara #GOPDebate

    14. Marco Rubio and Stingy looked like they could be freakin' brothers.

    ok but marco rubio looks like stingy from lazy town?????

    15. Jeb Bush looked like the grown-up version of Stuart Little's brother.

    "Jeb Bush looks like the kid from Stuart Little" -Yik Yak

    16. Ben Carson looked like a glorious owl from the Hundred Acre Woods.

    Am I the only person who thinks Ben Carson looks like The Owl from Winnie the Pooh?

    17. And Ted Cruz STILL looked like Grandpa Munster.

    The presidential race has been hard on Ted Cruz. #GOPDebate

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