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    Here's What The Kids From "The Sandlot" Look Like Now

    You're killin' me, Smalls!

    Tom Guiry as Scotty Smalls

    20th Century Fox, NBC

    Fun fact: The crew had to slather baby food on Smalls' face in order to get the shot of The Beast licking him.

    Mike Vitar as Benny "the Jet" Rodriguez

    20th Century Fox, @iCHRISREDMAN / Twitter / Via Twitter: @iCHRISREDMAN

    Fun fact: A decade after The Sandlot, Vitar reunited with costar Brandon Adams to make D2: The Mighty Ducks.

    Patrick Renna as Hamilton "Ham" Porter

    20th Century Fox, Mike Windle / Getty Images

    Fun fact: Renna, who delivered the film's most iconic line ("You're killin' me, Smalls!), was actually the last kid to be cast. "It was literally the day everybody was getting on a plane to Salt Lake City and we still didn't have a Ham," director David Mickey Evans told Sports Illustrated. "[Pat] came in and read and I said, 'You're in...and you've got to make a plane, kid.'"

    Chauncey Leopardi as Michael "Squints" Palledorous

    20th Century Fox, Eric Charbonneau / AP

    Fun fact: Right before filming the CPR scene with Wendy Peffercorn, Evans told Leopardi, who was only around 10 years old at the time, "You keep your tongue in your mouth, understand?" He did — BUT THEN HE ASKED TO RESHOOT THE SCENE. 💋

    Marty York as Alan "Yeah-Yeah" McClennan

    20th Century Fox, @martyyorkfitness / Instagram / Via

    Fun fact: York barely made it in the movie. After unsuccessfully auditioning for the role of Bertram, he was tapped to play Yeah-Yeah only after the director's first choice for Yeah-Yeah became ill.

    Brandon Quintin Adams as Kenny DeNunez

    20th Century Fox, @vi325 / Instagram / Via

    Fun fact: Adams appeared in both Sister, Sister and Boy Meets World in 1995.

    Grant Gelt as Bertram Weeks

    20th Century Fox, @melissaperezgelt / Instagram / Via

    Fun fact: Following The Sandlot, Gelt also appeared on Boy Meets World, though he left acting behind not long after.

    Victor DiMattia as Timmy Timmons

    20th Century Fox, @victordimattia / Instagram / Via

    Fun fact: DiMattia voiced young Clark Kent in the animated 1988 Superman TV series.

    Shane Obedzinski as Tommy Timmons

    20th Century Fox, @ShaneObedzinski / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ShaneObedzinski

    Fun fact: Obedzinski now runs a pizza restaurant in Brandon, Florida. Who knew?!

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