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19 Students Who Deserve Either An "A" Or An "F" — I Can't Decide

These teachers didn't know whether to laugh or quit their jobs.

1. This student who seriously misheard his project topic:

2. This troublemaker who deserves to be pun-ished:

3. This smartass who deserves either an A or an F:

4. And this kid who represents every American's understanding of the metric system:

5. This prankster who brought a "friend" to class:

6. This future con artist:

7. This student who couldn't leave politics out of his chemistry homework:

8. This honest kid who didn't even try:

9. This student who technically didn't break the rules:

10. This kid whose parent signature isn't foolin' anybody:

11. This brownnoser who should've used spellcheck:

12. This disgruntled student who focused on the wrong part of the question:

13. This master of words:

14. This kid who wants nothing but pain and suffering for their math teacher:

15. This student whose answer undoubtedly got a big red X:

16. This future astronomer:

17. This kid who's not wrong, but def not right either:

18. This juvenile:

19. And finally, this national treasure: