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41 Reasons Studying Abroad In Spain Ruins You For Life

What do you MEAN there's no siesta?!

1. Tapas can be a quick snack, or an entire meal.

2. World-class wine is insanely affordable.

3. And even grocery store sangria will do just the trick.

4. You can go out at midnight and still be early to the party.

5. Chupitos make fast friends out of total strangers.

6. You can go home when the sun comes up and no one bats an eye.

7. And a café con leche will kickstart your day no matter how late you stayed out the night before.

8. There's no better way to spend an afternoon than relaxing in Retiro.

9. Because jamón is a way of life.

10. You'll never see a cathedral more beautiful than Sagrada Familia.

11. El Corte Inglés defines one-stop shopping.

12. Because siesta.

13. Park Güell makes you feel like a child again.

14. Because you get free snacks when you order drinks.

15. Nowhere — NOWHERE — throws down quite like Ibiza.

16. Churros and chocolate are the best drunk food ever.

17. Sometimes you have Plaza Mayor all to yourself.

18. You can learn something for once at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

19. Because you're marveling at the Picos one day...

20. ...and you're relaxing on the beach the next.

21. Bathing suit and birthday suit can mean the same thing if you want them to.

22. Because a simple walk across town becomes a feast for the eyes.

23. And the buildings are even prettier at night.

24. Because strolling through El Rastro is the only way to spend a Sunday.

25. Even the smallest towns have the craziest festivals...

26. ...and their very own medieval castles.

27. There's always another art museum to explore.

28. Because Euromanía at Cien Montaditos.

29. Madrid Pride is bigger and better every single summer.

30. Because the paella takes you to heaven and back.

31. The atmosphere at Bernabéu and Camp Nou is absolutely electrifying.

32. Because you never need a car...

33. matter how far you need to go.

34. The rest of Europe is a cheap flight away.

35. Every building is begging to tell you its story.

36. And every street is beckoning you to dar un paseo and discover its secrets.

37. Because dinner before 9 p.m. just isn't dinner.

38. Because cheese, bread, and ibérico constitute an entire meal.

39. You still feel the pulse of flamenco a week after the show.

40. Because it's not a question of if you'll come back...

41.'s when.